Real Wedding: Jason Groupp Photography

I adore the details of this wedding from Jason Groupp Photography. The couple, Vanessa and Pete, chose Shelter Island, NY as their location; and what a place! The cottage Vanessa got ready in is quaint and cozy. And the church! Can you believe the church?

All of this is only equalled by the brides Oscar de la Renta gown. It honestly has me questioning my own dress. So beautiful with the fuchsia Manolo's.

For more photos from Vanessa and Pete's wedding, and other gorgeous events, go here.

Don't you love the girls' white dresses? And the gothic window in the vintage decorated cottage? And everything else?!


brides {bliss} said...

Incidentally, I spent a good few hours tracking the house down that the bride was photographed in. Love it.

jason groupp said...

Thanks for featuring my wedding and for the kind words! That house was beautiful, the perfect place for getting ready pics!

Elizabeth Carney said...

This is my favorite wedding. It's absolutely beautiful! Jason, your work is amazing.

Julia Wilde said...

I imagine the chances of receiving a response to this three years after the fact are pretty slim, but might I ask where the houses were and also where you held the rehearsal dinner? It looks like it would be the perfect location for our wedding, itself! Thank you! What a beautiful wedding.