With more and more brides choosing strapless dresses, the demand for boleros and shrugs has increased. A bolero is multi-functional; in the fall, it will keep the bride a little bit warmer for time spent outdoors. Also, some churches do not allow brides to wear strapless dresses for the ceremony. Throw on a bolero and problem solved!

And the best part of wearing a bolero? It's yet another element of style that can be added to your wedding ensemble. Here are some fabulous designs I've found:

Top: Rohn Scalloped Lace Shrug, Etsy
Bottom: toccata Le Katerina capelt, Etsy

Top: Gertie B Modest Molly Bolero
Bottom: Bonzie Victorian Inspired Bolero

Peruse Etsy for other great styles and colors. Want to add some sass to your outfit? Check out the poppy red silk dupioni bolero! The best thing about Etsy is that all of their items are either hand made or vintage, so you won't see anyone else with the same thing.

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