It's a Deal

I'm a notorious wheeler and dealer. Other than a few rare moments in my life, I never pay retail. To me, finding a bargain is like playing hide and seek as a child. Half of the fun is the search. So when I stumbled upon ThreeDollarEarrings, a fabulous boutique on Etsy, I had to share it with everyone. Check out some of the awesome designs:

Victoria Earring

Bronte Earring

Cottage Rose Earring

I'm thinking about buying a boat load and keeping them on hand for emergencies. These earrings are just as pretty as the ones you find in expensive boutiques. You can't afford not to add a few pairs to your bridesmaid gift bags.

And the best part? Most of them are $3.00! The priciest I came across are $7.00. I know, say what?!

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