Inspiration: Vintage Yellow & Turquoise Wedding

What could be more cheerful than yellow and turquoise? Makes me think of drive in movie theatres, taxi cabs, diner get the picture. A totally retro color palette, and a good reason to put your wedding party in yellow shoes!

{photo credits, from top left: shoes, abby jiu; invitations, anne benjamin; bridesmaids, jason mcgrew. 2nd row: train, lori barbely; plares, picnic; groom, todd pellowe; heels, jose villa.
bottom: centerpiece, hugh forte; bouquet, dana&jeremy; wall, leo dj.


Meredith Perdue said...

Thanks for sharing! Yellow & turquoise are my colors throughout my living room and dining area. Always nice to see the beautiful combination of the two!

brides {bliss} said...

It's a happy combination!