Real Wedding: Zaq & Amber

I'm posting Zaq and Amber's wedding even though I am beyond lame compared to these two. Their killer style and personalities shine throughout these photos. The details are so original and, best of all, DIY! Thanks to Ashley from AE Photography for sharing this set with me.

To see more (and I guarantee you'll want to) photos from Zaq and Amber's wedding visit AE Photography's blog or check out Amber's wedding blog here, which is loaded with her diy projects and ideas. Girl, you are rad. Seriously.
Keep your eyes peeled for more AE Photography weddings and engagements on brides {bliss}.


Elizabeth Carney said...

What a great wedding! Awesome to see a couple who stayed true to themselves.

RockerByeBaby said...

omg i just saw this!
Thanks so much... what a sweet post :)

Pili said...

I love this photos!! Amber managed to concoct a great rockabilly & DIY wedding!!