Smitten With Lily of the Valley

On my walk this morning I smelled a sure sign of spring; lily of the valley. Yep, even in Queens these perennial favorites found a patch of land to grow in. When I lived upstate, where my love of flowers began, I'd look forward to Spring when the lilac trees (yes, trees) and lily of the valley would bloom. At 10 years old I'd make bouquets and place them throughout the house in anything from coffee cans to jelly jars.

Spring all year round. Love this vintage looking lily of the valley wallpaper from Thibaut. Yes, I would like to sleep in this bedroom very much, thank you. {image via country living}

Few things are as timeless and elegant as a bouquet of lily of the valley. If I were to subscribe to the whole wedding ideal, I'm pretty sure I'd go with the simple beauty of a hand tied bunch of lotv pips. {image via artfool}

I love me some crisp white sheets. These particular ones from Graced with Lace are super posh. I bet they come smelling like rich people.

I like this Tee from MaryInk on its own. The lily of the valley hand printed design is an extra special bonus, like getting your bar tab comped at dinner.

The famous Givenchy "Les Muguets" gown. This is polished silver and pinkies out right here.

I don't know if I'd be able to actually cut into this cake. I mean, it's gorgeous. I want to put it up on the mantle and have my picture taken with it. Lovely is all I can say, word.

Damn, I'm going to miss having a garden this year. I've always wanted to buy some pink lily of the valley to plant. Someday.

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