Spring Fling: Bicycle Baskets

Spring time in the City, which means it's time to take your bicycle out of storage. There are all sorts of cycle enthusiasts around and I don't claim to be a member of any of their factions, so I'm coming to you just as a girl who just likes to ride around without direction or purpose. That is, unless I'm going to the market or bakery to pick up dinner or riding out to the park for a picnic.

I am, and have always been, a huge dork for bicycle baskets. Particularly wicker. When I came across Kate Spade's Picnic Basket (top two images), I just about lost it. What can I sell on ebay to come up with the $325? Seriously in love. Has that wonderful vintage 1940's look to it. However, there are other baskets available and while they may not be as posh as Kate's, they're super adorable and functional. Makes me want to throw on my favorite circle skirt and twinset and head out to a grassy little patch underneath a tree.

Kate Spade Bicycle Picnic Basket

Nantucket Bicycle Basket, Victorian Trading Co.

Baker's Basket, Bobbins Bicycles

Don't you want to fill 'em up with baguettes and bunches of tulips?!

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