Smitten With: GreenGate

I'm not even kidding right now: how is it that I am just now finding out about GreenGate?  Helen from Tartlette had an amazing feature on Design *Sponge last week where I noticed the prettiest floral spoons in one of the photographs.  Low and behold, I was introduced to a world of floral and dotted kitchenware beyond my wildest dreams!  The patterns and colors remind me of vintage French enamelware, and how could that ever be a bad thing?!

Baking paper, baking cups, and baking trays.  My mind is buzzing right now with all of the baked goods I want to make with these!  Lemon Cherry Muffins?  Yes, please!

Just let me live in this photo for a day or two please.

Shoot, if I had that dish soap and scrub brush, I might actually do the pile of dishes sitting in the sink right now.  Hey, hey- check it out.  That spoon above the egg cups?  Yep, that's what started all of this.  {heart}

If you haven't seen enough (which I know you haven't), go to GreenGate's website and peruse their catalogues.  Get ready to get your inner girly-girl on!

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Tracy said...

I am glad you have discovered Green gate I only discovered it a week ago too and I am a proud owner of 4 Greengate spoons at a hefty £20 my spoon fetish is complete for now.