Alternative Maids

We've all seen it; the bride who puts her attendants in what might as well be 1980's prom dresses. The poly-satin blends in colors named after fruits and vegetables that fit like a sofa cover from WalMart. They are, by and large, quite hideous, and the women you consider to be your closest confidants are stuck with the $300 evidence of your affection that will hang in the backs of their closets until moths eat a sufficient amount of the fabric for it to be tossed.
I can't do this. I want the dresses my sisters wear to be taken out and worn again and again. I want them to feel comfortable and confident, not like an upholstered chair. That is why I love the dresses from Anthropologie.

The are many benefits of choosing Anthropologie for bridesmaids' dresses. My personal favorite is the fact that the dresses do not need to be altered. If you have ever been a bridesmaid, you know it is an additional hassle (and expense) you can do without.
The fun colors and fabrics can make a cookie cutter wedding funky and personalized. You can send the girls links to the dresses, and with a store in most major cities, they can try them on without making an appointment (and look through the other goodies the store carries!).
The turquoise dress (above right) is from Tracy Reese, one of the designers Anthropologie carries. Michelle Obama wore this same dress (in fuchsia) for the cover of People Magazine (2/27/2009).
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