Foot Fetish

Before my budget became a reality, I was certain that I would wear a pair of Christian Louboutins on my wedding day. There is something so seductive about those red-soled devils. However, at $950, I can't in good conscience break my piggy bank for them. We are in a recession, and I will act accordingly.

So, the hunt for a new pair of pumps began. I went into it with an open mind and open heart. With some research skills and a little bit of luck, I found pages of shoes in every style and price range. Her are a few of my favorites:

Madeline "Ivy" Heels $24.oo (Seriously!)

Fitzwell "Lilly" $27.18

Nine West "Juliarae" $78

Kate Spade "Lover" $240

Cynthia Rowley "Sorvino" $140

Bruno Magli "Eytropia" $212

Cole Haan Ceci Air Rose Dyables $412

I love the blue soles on the Cynthia Rowley's. Check out her shoes; there are many styles and colors, all with the fabulous blue soles invocative of the old Christian Louboutin bridal line.

I'm not a huge fan of dyables, but the Cole Haans are awesome just the way they are. White satin peeptoes with roses; need I say more?!

Have you found "the" perfect shoe or an unbelievable bargain?

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