Scrap It

Years ago, I picked up an old scrap book at an auction. At the time, I thought I might fill it with vintage postcards that I've collected, but it's a project I never got around to doing. Now, I am glad my procrastination has paid off.

I removed 6 pages from the album to create the headings (dresses, bouquets, bridesmaids, ceremony, cakes, reception, etc). I used a script font (72 bold) and printed three per pages. The paper is old and brittle, but fed through the printer fine. I folded around each heading and tore it by hand to give the edges an even more aged look.

I put an index in the back of the album. Each image has a small number written on it so I can refer back to the index with information on what it is, where it can be purchased, and the magazine it was cut from. It's a great way to keep track of all the ideas and compare colors and styles.

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