Pretty Porcelains

I am taking my reception centerpieces pretty seriously. When I worked as a floral designer, I made so many bubble bowl arrangements that I promised myself that when my time came to get married, I'd do something with a little more originality. One idea I'm toying around with is old Limoges bowls filled with garden roses. Ebay has an awesome selection from $5 to $200 a piece. Yard sales, auctions, and antique stores also good places to browse. Here are a few I found on Ebay:

I love the different shapes and patterns! At the end of the reception, you can give the arrangements to favorite relatives, or keep the bowls for yourself and have a great collection for dinner parties. Each year, on your anniversary, set a romantic table for dinner and fill a bowl with the same flowers used on your wedding day. Any way you slice it, these bowls will be a lasting keepsake.

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