Vintage Inspiration

Lately I have been obsessed with vintage couture dresses. Designers really knew how to make clothes look good on women in the mid-twentieth century. The attention to detail was far superior to what designers produce today. From hand beading to luxuroius fabrics, these examples are sure to impress!

Dress and Petticoat from Pierre Balmain, Paris. Circa 1950.

Jackie Kennedy's wedding gown designed by Ann Lowe.

Givenchy "Lily of the Valley" gown.

The Pierre Balmain dress is silk grosgrain with Swiss embroidery. Honestly, can't you picture this dress paired with a bird cage veil, white gloves, and a sweet pair of Mary Janes?

Jackie Kennedy's gown is legendary. I searched high and low for a replica, but alas, the dress is indeed one-of-a-kind, as well it should be. The designer, an African-American woman by the name of Ann Lowe, was designer to many families of historical significance, including the Roosevelts and Posts. Apparently, Jacki did not care for the dress, but I have to be honest; I love it. It evokes all of the girlie wedding feelings I keep bottled up.

The Givenchy "Lily of the Valley" (Les Muguets) gown is a work of art. Every little detail was done by hand. The dress is currently on tour in Europe and hopefully under the watchful eye of an armed guard, as my temptation to snag is increasing by the second. It is simply breathtaking!

Check out these gowns from The Frock.

This online store has a serious collection of vintage couture; everything from Dior to Lanvin!

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