Fabulous Florals

When I look at pictures like these, I miss my days as a floral designer. It was so fulfilling to create beautiful things that made people smile every day. I loved to work with people who had unique visions and wanted something different than the 'status quo'.

{flowers by ariella chezar}

{flowers by erin rosenow}

{flowers by nicolette camille}

{flowers by flower design}

{flowers by blush floral design}

I'm all for a DIY project, but before you consider arranging the flowers for your wedding, consider a few things. First, it takes time not only to arrange the flowers, but to process as well. And this isn't something you can do in advance. Flower arranging is a last minute project. I have spent thirteen years putting together bouquets, and an average wedding takes me about 20 hours in total to complete, and that's if everything runs smooth. If you frazzle easily, I don't think it's for you. Save yourself the anxiety and go with a pro.

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