Faye & Mike, by Kella MacPhee

I have professed my love of Kella MacPhee's work several times before, but this time her work hits a little bit closer to home, literally.

Last Sunday, Kella shot Faye and Mike's wedding. I met Faye myself a few weeks ago through a mutual friend and immediately fell in awe of her beauty. She looks like Gwen Steffani, only real. And she's cool. I mean, I am nerdzila next to her. Faye is so stylish and exudes confidence, but is also so easy to talk to and totally approachable. Kella's photos seemed to have captured that about her.

Kella shot Faye and Mike's wedding in several little towns along the beach in New Jersey. Asbury Park, a rock and roll town that has seen some hard times but is currently undergoing a revival, is where all of the mural shots were taken. It is an absolute dream for photographers and couples who like the old fashioned vintage boardwalk look.

My beautiful friend {in the middle}.

To do more swooning over Kella and Mike's wedding, visithere or here. Congrats, guys!


lacey said...

love love love it.

cindy said...

Right?! I'm so dragging Tom over there with a camera this weekend.