The New Anthro Catalog {love fall}

As most people who know me will tell you that I am a nerd for plaids, tartans, and checks. I look forward to fall so I can rock my awesome pair of old man wool plaid pants. So it made me happy when I received my Anthropologie catalog, chock full of my favorite patterns:

{birling ruffle coat}

{brockhampton knobs}

{plaid petals skirt}

{polaire vest}

{pattern duo tunic, windowpane plaid button-up, two-step shirt}

Instead of being draped in velvet like George Costanza, I'd opt to swaddle myself in plaids, drink apple cider, eat maple cream cookies, and do Halloween projects in front of the fire, thank you. Anthropologie, you lessen the pain of Summer's conclusion.


lacey said...

maple cream cookies? WTF! I need to try those!

brides {bliss} said...

Oh my God, they are heavenly! Wegmans. It's my fall and winter crack.