Butterfly Table Numbers

I love the use butterflies in the fall. Their wings are truly in the season's palette. Butterflies also represent new beginnings, the perfect symbol for a wedding date. Here's an easy way I Incorporated them into table numbers:

Other than your ink and card stock, this project is free. Here is what I used:

Free butterfly clip art from Wordplay. You can also find vintage botanical butterfly clip art at Antique Clip Art.

Darrian's Frames is a terrific dingbat collection. Since you can change the size and color of the twenty plus frames available, it's a must-download for anyone planning diy wedding projects.

Remember the collection of fonts I gave you to download 2 days ago? That's where I plucked this calligraphy number from. In case you need it again here's the link.

Play around with the size and color until you find something that really strikes your fancy. With just these three simple downloads, you have hundreds of possibilities. Happy diy-ing!

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