Feminine Fancies

{image from Ginger Lilly Tea}

One thing about being a wedding blogger that makes me so happy to boot up my computer in the morning is the fact that I have found places where I'm able to indulge my girly side. For the most part, I am a Sunday football, Chuck Taylor wearing, anti-Dancing With the Stars sort of gal. I haven't ever read a Jodi Picoult novel nor do I do much more than brush my hair before leaving the house.

But I like pretty things. I love old lace and the dusty smell of antique books. An embroidered corner or an ordinary dish towel gets me swooney. I want to drape every inch of my bedroom in eyelet lace and silky pink ruffles. I spent the morning looking at antique french sewing scissors. That would probably shock a casual acquaintance of mine to know, and I might be subject to a bit of ribbing, but I'm a total geek for aesthetically pleasing things.

When I first became engaged, I was convinced that I was not one of those girls who'd wear the typical ball gown dress with long train. Well guess what; I'm one of those girls who's wearing a ball gown dress with long train. I love flowers and shades of pink. I fantasise about someday having a peony color sewing room, with a closet filled to the brim in laces and jacquards, complete with a little crystal chandelier. I love to buy shoes and go antiquing (I don't have the occasion to do either nearly enough). I have, like most women, a completely duplicitous personality. I wear sneakers with my skirts.

So here is to embracing the girlish side that lives in all of us. Whether it's painting your nails or looking at floral chintz wallpapers online for hours, accept it, nurture it, love it.

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