Jennifer & Mark, by Lisa Lefkowitz

Romantic. That's the first word to come to mind when I got a hold of these photos from the amazing Lisa Lefkowitz. Lisa, once again, has done an amazing job capturing the details of a wedding that make it personal. Jennifer and Mark hired the ridiculously talented Rebecca Reategui to put their Durango, Colorado fete together and boy did she deliver a winner; the soft peach and ivory tones lent themselves to all aspects of the wedding, providing a, well, a most romantic, seasonless mood. The stunning florals were designed by one of my favorite florists in the country, Ariella Chezar, known for her vintage, still life looking arrangements and bouquets. Honestly, if I lived on the West Coast, I'd want all three of these ladies involved in my wedding.

For more photographs Jennifer and Mark's extraordinary wedding, visit Lisa's blog

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