Maggie's Bridals, by AE Photography

I bumped my original post today to feature Maggie's gorgeous bridal shots from the awesomely talented Ashley from AE Photography. When I opened Ashley's email and saw the photos, I wanted to share them with everyone just as soon as possible.

Maggie's look is reflective of another era. First things first, the hair clip. So simple and sweet with feather and pearls, one can imagine an old Hollywood actress wearing the very same thing. Works perfectly with the bottom pleated trumpet style gown with lace and pearls appliqued at the seam.

{click on photos to enlarge}

How about those shoes? Love, love, love the photo of Maggie in the chair showing her very modern laced up heels that somehow work amazingly with the rest of her outfit.

Ashley from AE Photography really did an awesome job of working Maggie into her surroundings; the Dillon Home in Sterling, Illinois provided the perfect setting for the vintage ambiance of the shoot.

Keep your eyes peeled for photos from Maggie's wedding on AE Photography's blog. Thanks again for sharing these magnificently romantic shots with us!


Anonymous said...

I love her dress! These photos are gorgeous.

ae photography said...

Thanks again for featuring our images! Your blog is looking lovely!

Sandy G. said...

You made that dress look heavanly, you were a beautiful bride,all the pics were great can hardly wait to see more,, those shoes,, were gorgeous!