Sea Glass and Eyelet Lace

Inspired by the ocean and dreams of spring. If you've ever searched a beach for sea glass, you know how this shade of blue is so coveted. When I lived on the beach, I painted my bedroom this shade of blue and had all white eyelet linens. It was the most peaceful room I've ever been in. It's also a beautiful palette for any sort of party, particularly a wedding!

from top left: ring pillow from etsy; vintage eyelet dress from; hey lady "at tiffany's" shoes; keira knightly in blue gown, courtesy of fashion bride; wedding sign from vintage design projects; robin's egg soaps from; image from martha stewart weddings; image from martha stewart weddings; veils from allure weddings; silver screen necklace from etsy

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w said...

i'd walk everywhere in those shoes. they're awesome.