I love textiles. I'm always trying to incorporate them into my weddings. I've started to offer my brides the option of having custom ring bearer pillows as a way to make use of my enormous fabric collection. Here are several I've made recently for upcoming summer weddings:

This gorgeous fabric is an embroidered silk with a vintage brooch (something else I collect) in the center.

I used an old lace handkerchief and wrapped it around a Coca Cola bottle-green pillow, and centered it with another beautiful brooch and complimentary ribbon.

Prices available upon request.


Wedding Palette Board: Mustard and Teal

I'm always looking for a palette combination that's a little off of the beaten path but still aesthetically pleasing, and this one delivers! Weddings aren't just pink and white these days; a dash of deep teal adds to the richness and warmth of the mustard. Just perfect for a vintage wedding!

{click on image to enlarge}

{from top left: fabric envelopes via Hello! Lucky; mustard and teal chintz wallpaper via Apartment Therapy; paper flowers via A Hana Design. 2nd row: mustard ballet flats, Abby Jiu; lady in teal dress, Ana Lee; yellow typewriter, Laura Bucci. Bottom: Mustard velvet flower, Love Liette; yellow dress, Elizabeth Dye; knit necklace via Etsy; white dress/teal wall via Elizabeth Anne Designs.}


Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

The latest addition to my Etsy Store. The materials used for this bouquet are almost all vintage save a few ribbons. I am obsessed with this color palette right now. I would love to do something similar to this with cut flowers for a bride; divine.

I really love the way this turned out with all of the different textures. The brooches and pins are to die for. They were found in thrift stores and (!) the garbage. Who could ever throw that beautiful porcelain bird away?!


Happy Monday!

I'm so happy to have Hitched NYC  up and running.  Today's post is Megan and Josh's fabulous Brooklyn wedding from Oh Darling! photography.

Simply smitten with these shoes via {simplesong}

 {nom nom}

An oldie but goodie from the girls at Studio Choo (honestly makes my stomach hurt it's so delicious): 

Did you hear that The Cure has reissued Disintegration?  Go get in on vinyl kids.  You won't be disappointed.



I'm so excited to announce that my new blog, HITCHED NYC, is up!  Regular posting will begin tomorrow with a special feature on the up and coming styles of Brooklyn. 
I've been so fortunate to meet some incredibly talented artists and entrepreneurs and I can't wait to share all of the goodness with you!  




Bear with me kids.  My purse was recently stolen and I've been having a heck of a time trying to straighten everything out.  If this has ever happened to you, I'm sure you can commiserate.  If not, NEVER leave your purse unattended, ever ever.  Even if you think someone is keeping an eye on it.  Freddy Kruger dreams have nothing on this.

So, until I'm able to sit down and focus on posting, here's a picture of what I'd like to be doing (and p.s., this girl is my doppelganger, no joke):

{image via domino}


Whimsical Handwriting Font Download

I came across this font called A Yummy Apology while I was looking for something else for my new blog which I'm in the process of working on.  How flipping adorable is it?!  It's been a while since I've gone on a font downloading kick, but darn it if this didn't get me back on the wagon.

And it's free.  :o) Download here and let me know what sort of project you use it for.


Smitten With: GreenGate

I'm not even kidding right now: how is it that I am just now finding out about GreenGate?  Helen from Tartlette had an amazing feature on Design *Sponge last week where I noticed the prettiest floral spoons in one of the photographs.  Low and behold, I was introduced to a world of floral and dotted kitchenware beyond my wildest dreams!  The patterns and colors remind me of vintage French enamelware, and how could that ever be a bad thing?!

Baking paper, baking cups, and baking trays.  My mind is buzzing right now with all of the baked goods I want to make with these!  Lemon Cherry Muffins?  Yes, please!

Just let me live in this photo for a day or two please.

Shoot, if I had that dish soap and scrub brush, I might actually do the pile of dishes sitting in the sink right now.  Hey, hey- check it out.  That spoon above the egg cups?  Yep, that's what started all of this.  {heart}

If you haven't seen enough (which I know you haven't), go to GreenGate's website and peruse their catalogues.  Get ready to get your inner girly-girl on!


Smitten with: Tigerlily Swimwear

I am loving the Tigerlily Winter 2010 swimwear collection HUGE! And their catalogue is half the reason why!  Not only are their suits the bee's knees, but their apparel is, well, sexy.  

Me likey! I can almost see myself in a one piece, but I'll be needing that Rizzo cool leather jacket first.

On a side note:  Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm a sucker for Marshall's.  Well, on my last visit there they had Tigerlily suits for 1/3 the price.  You're welcome! 


Fab or Flop?

While doing my daily perusal of Ebay I came across this Betsey Johnson dress, and to be quite honest, I'm not sure of how I feel about it (I guess I can say that for most of her designs, come to think of it).  Anyway, to me it's a cross between a 16 year old's home ec prom dress project gone bad and bad ass. 

I saw killer BJ socks at Marshall's yesterday.  Definitely got me some of that (5 pairs for $6.99, duh).  This dress?  It's almost half off the original $1400 ($799) and the right girl could OWN this look, but let's face it, that girl ain't most of us, my not so square self incuded.  Check out more photos and info here.


Gotta Get Me Some: Spool No. 72

Have you visited Spool No. 72's website lately?  'Doring these lovelies up above.  All that's missing is a broken in pair of flops and you're set to go. 


Vegan Never Looked So Good

My cousin Laura is a stone cold vegan. This bird doesn't mess around either; her nutritional knowledge and cooking/baking skills would have any carnivore ready to shirk their meat eating ways just to look upon one of her magnificent creations. Today, she uploaded some photos on to Facebook of the most killer bagels I've ever seen a home cook make. Eat your heart out, Lenders!

Laura's Vegan Everything Bagel.  Gimme, gimme some of that! 


Smile! Smile! Smile! Part 1

I've been missing in action from a lot of things lately. Splitting up with someone you planned on spending your life with and starting over from scratch sucks toad on it's own, but throw some poor choices and muck luck in the mix and, well, it can get pretty comfortable under a rock. There comes a point though when you remember that there are things that make you happy and life goes on, so you crawl out, dust off, and go get yours.

I've really been into music and art lately. My knowledge is topical at best so I'll spare myself the embarrassment of shooting my mouth off about things I don't have solid grasp on. I just know I likes what I likes. I've never been into chicks with pianos, but lately Tori Amos and Regina Spektor have been making it onto rotation. I pepper in some guilty pleasures from my teen years (real keep it in the closet stuff) and some undeniably good fer ya grumblings (The Clash to Otis Reading), plop on the headphones and get into some work. And art, well, that's pretty broad but that's the way I meant it. From hand thrown pottery to macro lens photography and everything in between. I've even made up my mind to break out the sketch pad and charcoal pencils (sketchy sketcher, but it tempers the fires). The web is ca-razy dope when it comes to educating oneself on anything and everything. If I'd known 15 years ago that I wasn't such an odd ball weirdo geekasaurus, that there are people out there who dig the same junk I do, I could have avoided several bad haircuts and years in an antidepressant haze. Character building I suppose.

I've been reading the butt out of some books too. Even broadened my genres of preference. I mean, I'll always love me some 18th and 19th century British and Russian literature, but I'm giving 20th century writers the ol' college try. This dude I know has pretty salty taste in books and I've cracked a few open with toe curling delight. Emma Woodhouse would be struck down by an aneurysm if she spent 5 minutes with Kevin Sampson, and that ain't a joke. I'm by no means a prude and I've done a lot of living in my 33 rotations around the sun, but the saying is true, especially if you read, that you learn something new every day. I think it's time for me to visit my storage unit though and dig out some of my old favorites. I need a couple chapters on proper English society to absolve my mind of it's recent walk through Brixton with its crack addicted squirrels. But I'll be back. Every good Catholic needs some sin in their life. What would priests do between 3 and 4 on Saturdays otherwise?!


Smitten With Lily of the Valley

On my walk this morning I smelled a sure sign of spring; lily of the valley. Yep, even in Queens these perennial favorites found a patch of land to grow in. When I lived upstate, where my love of flowers began, I'd look forward to Spring when the lilac trees (yes, trees) and lily of the valley would bloom. At 10 years old I'd make bouquets and place them throughout the house in anything from coffee cans to jelly jars.

Spring all year round. Love this vintage looking lily of the valley wallpaper from Thibaut. Yes, I would like to sleep in this bedroom very much, thank you. {image via country living}

Few things are as timeless and elegant as a bouquet of lily of the valley. If I were to subscribe to the whole wedding ideal, I'm pretty sure I'd go with the simple beauty of a hand tied bunch of lotv pips. {image via artfool}

I love me some crisp white sheets. These particular ones from Graced with Lace are super posh. I bet they come smelling like rich people.

I like this Tee from MaryInk on its own. The lily of the valley hand printed design is an extra special bonus, like getting your bar tab comped at dinner.

The famous Givenchy "Les Muguets" gown. This is polished silver and pinkies out right here.

I don't know if I'd be able to actually cut into this cake. I mean, it's gorgeous. I want to put it up on the mantle and have my picture taken with it. Lovely is all I can say, word.

Damn, I'm going to miss having a garden this year. I've always wanted to buy some pink lily of the valley to plant. Someday.